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Big Beans

Big Beans

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Big Beans Love You

Big, beautiful beans for your wall. Place them where you feel—they're versatile. Enjoy looking at the beans, laugh at them, cry with them. The beans won't judge; they love you. Simple as that.

Your Neighbors Will Envy Your Beans

Big Beans on wall. Neighbors see. Neighbors jealous. Beans make happy. You smile. Beans win. You win. Maybe Neighbor buy beans too. 

Easy to Apply

Stick these Big Beans up with ease. No mess, no fuss—just peel, position, and press. They adhere smoothly to any wall, ready to be moved or adjusted whenever you wish. Simple application, endless enjoyment.


Each Big Bean measures approximately 30" by 42", providing a substantial, eye-catching presence on your wall. Perfect for various spaces, these decals can transform any room with their unique charm and simple elegance.

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