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How to Apply Wall Stickers

Application is easy. Most of our stickers come mounted on a piece of application tape. Simply place the sticker face down on a table, remove the liner, and position the decal where you want it. For added precision, create a simple hinge at the top edge with blue tape. This allows for precise placement by removing the backing paper in sections.

Can I Remove and Reposition the Wall Stickers?

Our wall art is made from self-adhesive material. It is not repositionable or reusable.

What Surfaces Are Suitable for Applying the Wall Stickers?

Our decals are best applied to flat, dry surfaces. Painted drywall works excellently. We've also successfully applied them to wood, glass, and steel. However, brick and concrete are not ideal as their rough surfaces and dust particles can affect the adhesive.

Do the Wall Stickers Damage Your Walls?

Generally speaking, no. In 20 years of using this material, the worst we've seen is occasionally pulling up a top layer of paint or a bit of spackle, which is easily patched. That said, please use it at your own risk, as we can't control the conditions of your specific walls.

How Long Do the Wall Stickers Last?

Our wall stickers are permanent and very durable. If you're using them outdoors on surfaces like glass, they may experience wear and tear due to the elements. Indoors, they are designed to last for the foreseeable future without any issues.

Can I Order Custom Designs or Sizes?

Yes, we offer custom designs, sizes, and orientations. Many of our products are made to order, so just reach out to us and we'll see what we can do to meet your specific needs.

Do You Work with Interior Designers on Custom Projects?

We love collaborating with interior designers and architects. Whether you have a specific project, color scheme, or general ideas, we'd love to discuss and brainstorm with you. Reach out to us to start the conversation. Drop a note! info [ at ] tonkydesigns.com

Can You Create Large-Scale Installations for Companies and Brands?

We love collaborating with brands and companies. Whether it's for exhibits, brand communications, or cool custom wall murals for your workspace, we're here to help. Contact us, and let's discuss how we can create something amazing together.

What Is the Process for Ordering a Custom Wall Mural for a Commercial Space?

It's pretty simple. We start with a discussion to understand your needs. Once we agree on the scope and price, we get to work. We can structure the project in a mutually beneficial way, including a kill fee if necessary.

Can You Handle Large Orders for Commercial Installations?

Yes, we can handle large orders for commercial installations. Contact us to discuss your project requirements and we'll ensure everything is tailored to meet your needs.