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Helvetica Alphabet - Lower Case

Helvetica Alphabet - Lower Case

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Alphabet Song Wall Sticker: Lowercase Learning

Transform your child’s space into a vibrant learning zone with our Alphabet Song Wall Sticker, featuring every letter in appealing lowercase. This design focuses on the most commonly seen lowercase letters, simplifying recognition without the clutter of pairing upper and lower cases.

Melodic Learning Made Simple:

Match each letter with its place in the Alphabet Song. Notice how the line breaks align perfectly with the song. This innovative feature enhances auditory learning, helping children connect visually and musically with the alphabet's sequence.

Stylishly Simple: Helvetica Typeface

Our Alphabet Song Wall Sticker features Helvetica, designed in 1957 by Swiss designer Max Miedinger. Celebrated for its readability and clean aesthetic, this typeface is perfect for educational spaces, blending seamlessly into any decor while enhancing learning with style.

Easy to Apply, Fun to Use:

Crafted from high-quality vinyl, our stickers are easy to apply and remove without residue, perfect for home and classroom walls. Encourage joyful learning with a design that’s as educational as it is decorative!


-Overall Dimensions - 42" by 28"

-Arrives as two horizontal strips for easy installation.

-Custom sizing available upon request.

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