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Circle Arc Grid Mural

Circle Arc Grid Mural

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Elegance in Geometry
Experience the serenity of simplicity with our Arc Grid Mural. Comprising 25 minimalist shapes that assemble into a striking 5x5 grid, this design allows you to create an expansive or segmented arrangement to suit any room. Choose from bold, poppy colors for a vibrant touch or sophisticated grayscale for understated elegance.

A Visual Meditation
Rooted in the minimalist ethos, this mural embodies the philosophy of simplicity and presence. The uncomplicated shapes provide a visually soothing experience, inviting calmness and offering your eyes a pleasing landscape to meander. 

Engage with Minimalist Philosophy
Inspired by the minimalist movement, this mural reflects ideas akin to those discussed in Michael Fried's landmark essay "Art and Objecthood." It emphasizes the importance of the viewer's interaction with the space, transforming simple geometric forms into a meditative and immersive experience.

Flexibility in Design
Each piece within the Arc Grid Mural measures 24" and is set within a 26" application square, ensuring easy alignment and installation. The flexibility of the design allows for customization in both large and small spaces, making it perfect for achieving a personalized aesthetic.

Material & Dimensions

  • Material: Glossy Self-Adhesive Vinyl
  • Dimensions: Each graphic measures 24" within a 26" application square.

Transform any room into a modern sanctuary with the Arc Grid Mural, where each piece is a step towards tranquility and minimalist beauty.

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