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Tonky Designs

Infinite Weave

Infinite Weave

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Interwoven Complexity
This intricate design features a mesmerizing knot pattern that brings a touch of artistry and sophistication to any room. Available in classic black or vibrant multi-color options, it offers a dynamic and engaging visual experience.

Endless Connections
Inspired by the timeless beauty of knotwork, Interwoven Harmony symbolizes the boundless connections and unity found in life's intricate paths. Its complex design invites contemplation and appreciation, making it a perfect focal point for any space.

Museum-Grade Craftsmanship
Our multi-color pieces involve a precise process of layering three vibrant colors in our studio with 1mm accuracy for perfect registration. This meticulous technique ensures each piece is highly refined and of museum-quality. The result is a striking visual effect that showcases the intricate design with exceptional clarity and depth.

Choose from classic black for a bold, elegant statement or opt for a lively combination of three colors to infuse your space with energy and creativity. 

Effortless Elegance
Designed for ease of use, the Interwoven Harmony wall sticker is simple to apply and remove, ensuring a seamless installation process. It adheres effortlessly to any wall, providing a smooth, professional finish.

Material & Dimensions

Material: Glossy Self-Adhesive Vinyl

Dimensions: The knot pattern measures 42" by 28".

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