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Big Simple Dinosaurs

Big Simple Dinosaurs

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Prehistoric Fun for Every Room

Dive into a world where dinosaurs roam the walls! These vibrant, oversized decals are available in a variety of playful colors or a classy glossy black, bringing a dash of prehistoric adventure to any space.

Roaring of Fun:

Our stickers feature a lineup of prehistoric icons including the mighty T-Rex, the plated Stegosaurus, the soaring Pterodactyl, the massive Brontosaurus, and the horned Triceratops, all rendered in simple yet striking silhouettes. Available in vibrant colors or elegant glossy black, these captivating dinosaurs inspire young minds in playrooms, bedrooms, or classrooms. Encouraging play, learning, and endless storytelling, these colorful creatures—or chic black versions—transform any space into a dynamic dinosaur adventure.

Easy to Apply, Delightful to Behold:

Just peel, stick, and let the prehistoric play begin! Made from high-quality materials, our dinosaur wall stickers are not only easy to apply but also easy to remove and reposition, making them a hassle-free addition to your dynamic decor. Choose vibrant multi-colors or sophisticated glossy black to transform your space into a dinosaur haven that’s as educational as it is exciting!

Flexible Placement and Sizing:

Each dinosaur sticker is installed separately, giving you the freedom to design your own prehistoric scene. They stand approximately 30" tall, with the Brontosaurus stretching an impressive 77" in length.

Tailor-Made for Your Space:

Custom sizes are available upon request, allowing for a perfect fit in any room. Additionally, you can specify the orientation of each dinosaur, ensuring they perfectly match your vision and space dynamics.


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