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Big No Pressure Blobby Shapes

Big No Pressure Blobby Shapes

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MoMA Quality Geometric Abstraction for Your Home

Triangles, Circles, and Squares, oh my! What more needs to be said? This kit makes decorating fun and easy. Fill up a wall for a fraction of the cost of wallpaper.

Embrace the timeless appeal of geometric abstract art. These bold, basic shapes bring a sense of order and playfulness to any space. Inspired by the simplicity and clarity of geometric forms, this kit turns your walls into a canvas of pure expression.

Shapes and Sizes

  • 6 Big (30")
  • 24 Small (8")

Easy to Apply

 They look great anywhere. No wrong answers here—slap them up wherever you like. Arrange them intuitively and let your creativity flow. NO PRESSURE.

Fun. Bold. Simple.

Transform your space with playful shapes. No pressure, just pure fun. Add a touch of modern art to your home with these iconic forms, perfect for any room.

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