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Crab Shack Whole Wall

Crab Shack Whole Wall

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Crab Shack Chic: Transform Your Whole Wall

Dive into seaside charm with our Crab Shack Whole Wall collection. Adorn your space with 45 vibrant red crab stickers, each measuring 6 inches, to create the look of luxurious wallpaper that captures the essence of coastal living.

Seaside Sophistication

Bring the allure of the beach into your home with our Crab Shack collection, infusing your space with the whimsy and elegance of coastal decor. These bright red crab stickers add a pop of color and character, transforming any wall into a statement piece reminiscent of seaside escapes.


The Crab Shack Whole Wall collection includes 45 bright red crab stickers, each measuring 6 inches, allowing you to create a stunning visual display that evokes the charm and luxury of coastal living.

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