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Crosscut Saw

Crosscut Saw

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Heritage of the Timberlands

Embrace the rugged spirit of the forest. This piece pays homage to the rich history of lumberjacks and their essential role in shaping the landscapes and economies tied to timber. It’s a tribute to the days of hearty work and the sustainable practices that continue to protect our natural woodlands today.

A Symbol of Conservation

This iconic cross-cut saw represents more than just the tools of the trade; it symbolizes the evolution of forestry practices from exploitation to conservation. It celebrates the balance between utilizing and preserving our forest resources, reminding us of the importance of sustainable interactions with nature.

Timeless Design

The stark silhouette of the lumberjack saw against any backdrop calls to mind the enduring legacy of timber craft. Perfect for anyone who appreciates historical depth and environmental responsibility, this design seamlessly blends past and present.

Dimensions & Customization

This striking wall sticker measures 25 inches by 125 inches, designed for large wall spaces. For spaces requiring a different scale, custom sizes are available upon request to perfectly fit your specific design needs.

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