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Educational Mega Wall - Letters - Numbers- Shapes - Colors

Educational Mega Wall - Letters - Numbers- Shapes - Colors

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The Ultimate Learning Companion

Elevate your educational space with our Educational Mega Wall, a comprehensive and engaging wall sticker that features an array of elements in Helvetica. This all-in-one educational tool includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, shapes, and a vivid spectrum of colors, perfect for any learning environment.

Educational Building Blocks:

From literacy and numeracy to basic geometry and color recognition, each section of the Mega Wall covers vital early learning topics. Its organized, visual layout invites curiosity and interaction, making it ideal for preschools, playrooms, and home classrooms.

Spectrum of Learning Opportunities:

Cover key early learning topics with sections dedicated to the ABCs, 123s, basic geometry, and color recognition. Neatly organized and visually inviting, this wall sticker is ideal for preschools, playrooms, and home classrooms.

Designed for Empowered Learning:

Our Educational Mega Wall transforms any room into an immersive learning environment, promoting a child-led ethos. It allows children to engage with educational concepts naturally and independently, empowering them to explore and learn at their own pace. This approach encourages self-directed discovery and fosters a sense of autonomy and confidence in young learners.

Easy to Apply

Our Educational Mega Wall arrives in easy-to-manage pieces that assemble according to a straightforward key. Simple to apply and remove, each section adheres smoothly to any flat surface, allowing you to transform any room into a dynamic learning environment without leaving residue. It’s an ideal choice for fostering a love of learning in a fun, interactive setting.


Full Wall
96" by 104"

Letters & Numbers
96" by 39"

Custom Dimensions Available Upon Request

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