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Floating Boulders

Floating Boulders

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Grounded in Nature

Transform your living space with the striking Boulder Wall design. These levitating boulders bring the rugged beauty of mountainous landscapes into your home, perfect for any nature enthusiast.

Nature's Majesty at Home

Ideal for any room, these boulders capture the grandeur of natural rock formations. Let your love for the outdoors be a centerpiece in your decor with these captivating Boulder Wall decals.

Precision-Cut Vinyl

Each boulder is crafted from glossy black vinyl, precision-cut to highlight the intricate textures and details of natural rock. They float effortlessly on your wall, creating a dynamic and eye-catching visual effect.


Large: 30" by 40"
Medium: 27" by 27"
Small: 24" by 22"
Extra Small: 18" by 18"

Easy to Apply

Stick them on any wall for an immediate transformation. The high-quality vinyl ensures easy application and repositioning, allowing you to create the perfect arrangement without any hassle.

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