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Human Cell Cross Section

Human Cell Cross Section

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The Magic of Microbiology

Step into the microscopic world with our Human Cell Cross Section Wall Sticker. From the powerhouse Mitochondria to the complex Golgi apparatus, this captivating design brings the hidden wonders of a human cell into plain sight, transforming any room into a showcase of the magical and mysterious inner workings of life.

Stylishly Scientific:

Perfect for anyone who loves to blend decor with a dash of mystery, this wall sticker adds a scientific twist to any space, from modern living rooms to quirky home offices. It’s not just about understanding the science—it’s about appreciating its cool, inexplicable beauty.

Effortlessly Impressive:

This high-quality vinyl sticker is easy to apply, instantly elevating your space with a glimpse into the microscopic. Let your walls tell a story of biological intrigue and the sheer wonder of how life operates on a cellular level.

Material & Dimensions

-Glossy Self-Adhesive Vinyl

- 37" by 30"

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