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Life-Size Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull

Life-Size Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull

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Long Live the King of Dinosaurs

Embrace the sheer awe of the Tyrant Lizard with our full-size Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull Wall Sticker. Perfect for dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages or for adding a touch of raw, prehistoric drama to any decor, this wall sticker captures the essence of the most fearsome predator that ever walked the Earth.

Ferocious For All Ages

This stunning T-Rex skull sticker showcases every ferocious detail and is a bold statement piece whether you're decorating a child's room with dinosaur themes or outfitting a bachelor pad with unmatched style.

Life-Size T-Rex Skull

Measuring 30" by 44", this life size T-Rex skull sticker fits impressively into any setting, from educational spaces to personal dens, creating a striking focal point that commands attention. 

Ships facing left. Right facing available upon request.

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