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Lobster Buoy Mural

Lobster Buoy Mural

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Navigating Tradition: The Art of Lobster Buoys

Explore the vibrant tradition of New England lobster fishing with our "Lobster Buoy Mural." Each buoy uniquely colored and shaped, these markers are essential for lobstermen to identify their traps at sea, weaving personal and communal stories across the waters.

Cultural Icons of Coastal Life

More than functional tools, these buoys symbolize individual expression and craftsmanship. Our collection celebrates this creativity with patterns and hues that honor the strategic and artistic practices of the fishing community.

Exquisite Craftsmanship in Every Decal

Crafted from three layers of high-quality signmaking vinyl, the 18 discrete decals in our mural showcase bright, captivating colors. This meticulous, labor-intensive process ensures each piece is a vibrant testament to the art of lobster fishing.

Customizable, Vibrant Decor

Arrange these decals to fit any space, with each buoy measuring approximately 16 inches by 7 inches. Flexible and versatile, they allow you to bring a piece of coa

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