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Lobster Lagoon Whole Wall Kit

Lobster Lagoon Whole Wall Kit

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Coastal Charm Unleashed

Immerse yourself in the coastal charm of our Lobster Lagoon Whole Wall collection. Ideal for New England residents or anyone who adores seaside aesthetics, this set features 45 vibrant red lobster stickers, each designed to create an opulent wallpaper effect that captures the essence of seaside living.

A Touch of Seaside Sophistication

Bring the allure of the beach into your home with the Lobster Lagoon collection. These vivid red lobster stickers add a burst of color and personality, transforming any wall into a stunning focal point reminiscent of coastal getaways. Embrace the whimsical elegance of coastal decor with each lively decal.

Dimensions and Design

The Lobster Lagoon Whole Wall collection includes 45 dynamic red lobster stickers, each measuring 6 inches. Arrange them to craft a captivating visual display that brings the charm and sophistication of coastal living right into your space.

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