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Me Like Sports

Me Like Sports

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Me Like Sports

Me like football. Me like hockey. Me like baseball. Me like soccer. Me like basketball. In conclusion:


Sports Are Fun. Snacks Taste Good. I Drink Beer.

Sports fun. Sports simple. Stick on wall. Laugh with friends. Me like that. Eat snack with me. Watch sports with me. Drink a beer if you want beer. Cheers!

Soccer or Fútbol?

Do you call it soccer or fútbol? You choose. Same ball. Same sport. Either way me love it and so do you.

Quality Materials & Easy Installation

Sticker strong. Sticker last long time. Easy put on wall. No problem.

Dimensions & Customization

Six stickers. One flag, four balls, one galvanized rubber hockey puck. Each 30" by 40" big. Each bold. Make room fun. Make room happy. Room like sports too now.

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