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Tonky Designs

Memphis Retro Boogie Woogie Mural

Memphis Retro Boogie Woogie Mural

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Back to the '80s: Bold and Undeniably Funky

Unleash a blast from the past with the Memphis Retro Boogie Woogie Mural from Tonky Designs, a vivid throwback to the audacious Memphis design movement that rocked the 1980s. Sporting nine large 30" pieces, this mural pops with two or three layers of engineering-grade vinyl that scream color and cool.

Geometric Grooves Meet Neon Dreams

Channeling the Memphis Group’s fearless flair, this mural melds sharp geometric cuts with a palette that’s as wild as a night out at Studio 54. It’s a visual mixtape of the era’s iconic eccentricity—think less minimalism, more maximalism with a side of kitsch.

Retro Cool Meets Modern Mojo

Echoing the era of Pee-Wee's big adventures and Oingo Boingo beats, the Memphis Retro Boogie Woogie Mural dances to a rhythm penned by design rebels. It's a nod to those who wore neon as a neutral and who still, decades on, shake up the conventional with a zest for zestful interiors.

Stick It Like It’s Hot

Flex your decor muscles by sticking these slices of the '80s just about anywhere, from expansive living room walls to hidden hallway nooks. Crafted for the bold and the brave, the vinyl’s top-notch quality means application is slicker than your average retro revival—no bubbles, all groove.

Material & Dimensions

Material: Engineering Grade Colorful Vinyl
Dimensions: Each piece rocks out at a sizeable 30" by 30".

Inject some rad retro vibes into your space with the Memphis Retro Boogie Woogie Mural, where the daring graphics and playful soul of the 1980s Memphis design movement are alive and kicking. It’s more than decor; it’s a cultural revival, ready to turn heads and spark conversations in any modern milieu.

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