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Newborn Collection: Red & Black Minimalist Shapes

Newborn Collection: Red & Black Minimalist Shapes

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Newborn Collection Wall Graphics: Engage and Enchant

Discover the magic of early visual development with our Newborn Collection Wall Graphics. Inspired by my own newborn's fascination with a red and black woodblock print, this collection is crafted around the insight that infants initially see and respond to these colors as their eyesight develops.

RED + BLACK: Designed for Developing Eyesight

Rooted in the captivating experience of my child’s early smiles directed at simple high-contrast art, this set features 16 individual decals in black and red—colors known to be among the first that infants can perceive. Each 17" square decal employs these hues in minimalist, chic designs that are perfect for nurturing visual acuity without overwhelming delicate senses.

Versatile and Stylish:

These decals can be arranged in a structured grid or scattered creatively around your home, offering a modern and playful learning environment. Ideal for decorating nurseries or blending into family living areas, they combine educational value with sleek, contemporary style, seamlessly integrating into any modern decor.

Material & Dimensions:

  • Material: Glossy Self-Adhesive Vinyl
  • Dimensions: Each decal measures 17" by 17"

Easy to apply, these wall graphics offer a dynamic and flexible decorating solution that grows with your child, ensuring their space remains enriching, engaging, and stylish.


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