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Rain Wall

Rain Wall

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Bring the Life Giving Rain Indoors

Transform your space with the serene beauty of the Rain Wall. This kit includes 120 individual raindrop decals, each ready to be arranged however you like. Create a soothing cascade or a gentle sprinkle grid, the choice is yours.

Endless Possibilities

Stick them on any wall to create a calming atmosphere. Perfect for any room, these raindrops bring a touch of nature inside. Arrange them in patterns or scatter them randomly for a natural look.

Easy to Apply

These decals are made from high-quality vinyl, ensuring a hassle-free application. Just peel, stick, and reposition as needed. No mess, no stress—just beautiful raindrops gracing your walls.

Dimensions & Colors

Each raindrop measures approximately 1.5" x 3", perfect for creating a delicate yet impactful design. The color, named "Misty Blue," adds a tranquil and refreshing vibe to your space. Let the gentle hue of Misty Blue raindrops turn your room into a peaceful haven.

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