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Sprinkle Wall

Sprinkle Wall

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Sprinkle Wall

Have you ever wanted your wall to look like a delicious cupcake? Well, the wait is over, my friends. Introducing the "Sprinkle Wall" – a delightful way to add a burst of color and fun to any space. With 200 peel-and-stick sprinkles, you can transform your wall into a whimsical treat.

A Pop of Color

The "Sprinkle Wall" includes sprinkles in seven vibrant colors:

  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Orange

Endless Possibilities

Whether you're decorating a kitchen, a child's room, or any space that could use a touch of joy, these sprinkles allow for endless creative possibilities. Arrange them however you like to create a playful, festive atmosphere.

Material & Dimensions

Material: Glossy Self-Adhesive Vinyl
Each set includes 200 individual sprinkles in various colors, customizable to fit your space.

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