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Squiggle Buddy

Squiggle Buddy

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From the Underground to Your Living Room
Check out the bold lines and bold colors of Squiggle Buddy. Channneling the thick round lines of the Grog Squeezer favored by street writers.

Available in sleek black or popping primary colors—red, blue, and yellow. 

Street Art Meets Microscopy

Squiggle Buddy merges the raw, chaotic energy of street graffiti with the organic intricacy of microscopic forms. The black lines swirl in dense, complex patterns, each squiggle finding its place in a refined composition that echoes the interconnected landscape of New York City, where every chaotic element has its purpose and beauty.

Easy to Stick, Easy to Move

Crafted from durable self-adhesive vinyl, Squiggle Buddy slaps on easy. No mess, no stress.

Each set packs three large vinyl clusters into a 28" by 82" rectangle. Stack them or line them up, it's all on you.

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