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Tonky Octopus

Tonky Octopus

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The Iconic Tonky Octopus: A Legacy of Art and Innovation

Allow us to re-introduce the design that started it all back in 2007: the Tonky Octopus. This striking cephalopod gained recognition from the NY Times as a key feature in Tonky's Gowanus Canal Superfun Superfund mural, adorning the streets of Brooklyn with its captivating presence.

A Tribute to Urban Art

The Tonky Octopus is more than just a decoration; it's a piece of urban art history. It has become a beloved symbol of creativity and resilience, much like the vibrant community it represents.

All the Love For Cephalopods!

Octopuses are fascinating creatures renowned for their intelligence and problem-solving skills. These inky marvels are masters of disguise, escape artists, and highly adaptable beings. Their ability to navigate complex puzzles and exhibit playful behaviors makes them one of the most intriguing species in the ocean. 


Measuring an impressive 30 inches by 40 inches, this wall sticker commands attention and transforms any wall into a underwater environment.

Custom colors available upon request.

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