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Tonky Designs

Ink Splatter Mural

Ink Splatter Mural

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Ink Unleashed: Splattered Art Meets Urban Cool

Experience the raw energy black Indian ink on white paper. Inspired by Tonky’s art school adventures with automatic drawing, this piece is all about the unexpected beauty of ink blown across paper with nothing but a straw and artistic impulse.

East Village Edge on a Grand Scale

This isn't just art; it's a call to action. With 15 individual ink splatters averaging 25" each, the mural brings a piece of the avant-garde right into your living or workspace. It’s designed to disrupt the norm, offering a piece of the rebellious spirit that defined underground art scenes.

Customizable Chaos

Arrange these chaotic beauties in a grid for a dose of ordered anarchy or scatter them across your space to create a narrative that’s all your own. Each splatter is a testament to the beauty of chaos, digitized and scaled for dramatic impact.

Materials & Installation

Crafted from high-quality vinyl, these murals are as durable as they are striking. Installation is straightforward, allowing you to transform any room into a gallery of modern, punk-inspired art.

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